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The electrical industry offers a wide diversity of career opportunities. The St. Louis Electrical Industry Training Center offers comprehensive training programs to prepare high school and college graduates for careers as commercial-industrial electricians, residential electricians and communication technicians. Mastery of the electrical and communication trade can lead to fulfilling lifetime careers as a skilled craftsman or lead to related roles in project management, company leadership and more.

Apprenticeship Programs

Skilled craftsmen pass on their skills to apprentices who will one day teach their trade to the next generation. The entire union electrical construction industry supports apprentices by:
  • Funding and reinvesting regularly in the industry's educational programs as well as training center facilities and equipment.
  • Paying for the time apprentices spend in classes.
  • Offering 'earn while you learn' employment, with pay levels starting at 40 percent of journeyman wages for electricians and 50 percent of communication technician journeymen wages. Pay levels rise with each 1,000 hours of training completed to full journeyman wage rates by completion of the training period.

Apprentices apply to enter one of three apprenticeship programs, each with its own training program and career path:

(Inside) Electricians work primarily in commercial and industrial settings, wiring office buildings, schools and hospitals, building power plants, retooling automotive plants, performing diverse service work, etc. The training program exposes them to the wide variety of electrical installations so they are prepared to perform on the full range of work in commercial-industrial construction.

Residential Electricians generally wire homes, condominiums and apartments. They install each home's power network, install lighting fixtures and electrical equipment, and ensure the safety of the individuals and families who live there. They also perform electrical service work, whether expanding a home's electrical service or trouble-shooting a problem.

Communication Technicians work in the newest field of electrical construction, using fiber optic cable and wireless systems to install voice, data, video and security (VDVS) technology, including home automation systems, telephones, security systems, sound systems, entertainment centers and other technologies of the future.

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