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The St. Louis electrical construction industry seeks apprentice applicants who are willing to make productive contributions in the classroom and on-the-job. Selection is made based on qualifications alone. All applicants are given equal opportunity without regard to race, creed, color, sex, religion, national origin, ancestry or physical disability (except to the extent such disabilities affect the applicant's ability to perform the work of the trade).

Selection Procedure

  1. Commercial-Industrial (Inside) Electrician
  2. Residential Electrician
  3. Telecommunication Technician

Application forms must be obtained and completed at the St. Louis Electrical Industry Training Center.

A three-step application process is followed:
1)File application (see Requirements).
2) Complete aptitude test.
3) Interview.

Applicants selected for the program sign an Apprenticeship Scholarship Loan Agreement and Promissory Note as security for the investment made in their training and education by IBEW and NECA. Additional information on the Scholarship Loan is available at time of application.


Applicants must meet the following minimum requirements:
  • 17 years of age at time of application and 18 years of age at time of selection and initiation.
  • Graduate of high school or GED equivalent, or two-year associate degree or higher. For those with GED only, all GED records must be submitted.
  • Sufficient level of physical fitness to do work of the trade.
  • Reside in the geographical jurisdiction of IBEW Local #1 (go to for a listing).
Applicants must:
  • Complete school transcript form(s) provided by the St. Louis Electrical Industry Training Center and forward to high school, technical school and/or college so school(s) can forward official transcript copies. The transcript must be received within 15 days of application. The transcript must indicate at least one full year of algebra with a passing grade. Applicants for inside electrician must also complete one full year geometry with a passing grade. The transcript will be examined and a numerical value assigned based on attendance, algebra, geometry (only for inside electrican), advanced algebra, trigonometry, physics, technical drawing or drafting, shop and electrical classes.
  • Provide an original or certified copy of birth certificate at time of application or within 15 days of application. This will be used to verify age.
All qualified applicants will be scheduled for an aptitude test prior to interview. An independent test administrator certified by the American Institute of Research conducts the test. Applicants are notified of their scheduled test date within 90 days of making their application. All applicants must complete their aptitude test prior to interview.

Applicants are interviewed individually by the Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee. Interviews generally require about 30 minutes. If an applicant is not selected for the next starting class, an additional interview will be granted to an applicant if he/she requests. Each applicant is entitled to a maximum of three interviews per program, provided the above requirements have been met.

The number of applicants to be placed in each apprenticeship program is determined by the Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee, based on anticipated work levels. Applicants with the highest scores are placed at the top of the list and others follow in numerical sequence until the determined total is reached. Prior to referral for employment for on-the-job training, applicants must:
  • Pass a substance abuse test, paid for by the Apprenticeship Committee.
  • Pass a physical examination prior to employment, also paid for by the Apprenticeship Committee.
Selection is based on qualifications alone and all applicants are given equal opportunity. Applications are kept on active file for two years. Any applicant not placed within that period must reapply to be considered for future placement.

Get College Credit Apprentices completing the Commercial Electrician five-year apprenticeship program at the St. Louis Electrical Industry Training Center can earn up to 60 hours of college credit.

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